Question 794

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21 Responses to “Question 794”

  1. Agnessa:

    Fear of loss

  2. dada:

    money, power

  3. Susan:


  4. Dee:

    fear and anger (which is caused by fear)

  5. Mazl:


  6. alwaysbelieve:

    all of the above ….

  7. Ria:


  8. jj:

    I agree with the above, and that it all gets caused by all kinds of fears. Everyone needs to feel like a part of something, to be “someone”, and when anything or anyone seems to threaten this…uh, it pulls out the worst from within. And then, it depends on how you are treating this, do you chose to understand and work it out, or not. If not, it gets realy bad 🙁

  9. alot of people go off and alot of things turn out wrong but just love them and help them it’s just called life&pressure and other problems

  10. Lo':


  11. lili:

    defensivness and agresivness
    also money and too much power ………..

  12. Julie Takase:


  13. Fear and a lack of education. There’s nothing dangerous than an idiot with his back against the wall.

  14. Marit:

    Fear(s), put away, made unconscious and hidden from yourself by all kinds of defense mechanisms (or just a massive inner wall).

  15. Kay:

    The threat of personal safety, AKA the “I am the only one that matters” mentality in desperate situations brings out the instict of self-preservation, which makes people do unethical things.

  16. Becca:

    Fatigue, mentally and physically. People change when they tire of something, whether it be a job, a person, or that they are literally just tired.

  17. Lauren:



  18. Me:

    Money, fame and power

  19. southerngirl:

    the loss of trust

  20. Alicia:


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