Question 43

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22 Responses to “Question 43”

  1. Kev:

    Woah… this question twisted my mind around for a second – but in a good way.

    I think I need to start doing more of the “right things” instead of just doing other things right.

  2. krissy:

    I’m more concerned with doing the right things.

  3. valerie:

    doing the right things.

  4. Mallory:

    I think I’m worried about both,But I need to be more worried about doing the right things.

  5. A:

    Doing the right things.
    Too often I do the wrong things with the right intentions.

  6. Sistah:

    Doing the right things. Example: If most of us in the health care industry did the right things, (caring for and fighting for patients first) rather than doing things right, (according to hospital, insurance, or employer’s rules or bottom line) we could have stopped or made consumers aware of the abuse/destruction of the health care system sooner.

    Doing the right things = doing what is ethical, moral.
    Doing things right = following an arbitrary power’s rules.

  7. Mitch:

    I will say do the things in a right way because what is right and wrong is not very accurately explained!!

  8. doing the right things. definitely.

  9. Sarah:

    Both…. doing the right things in the right way.

  10. Nomi:

    Same as Sarah: Doing the right things the right way.

  11. Grace:

    doing things right with work, like school work.
    Doing the right things for the environment.

  12. Doing the right thing.

  13. EmilyBee:

    the right thing…though i think most people say the right thing but actually its whats right

  14. April:

    Whoa. Confuzzling. Both?

  15. Janie:

    This question is going to keep me up for a little while longer.

  16. Aimee:

    I’d like to do the right things right. I think I’m more worried about doing things right but I want those things to be the right things. If we only worry about doing the right things but do not do them right then they may not be the right things anymore.

  17. Amanda:

    Doing the right things

  18. Nick:


  19. Michael Hitchcock:

    Trick question, they both come easily if you remove worry from the equation.

  20. Rowena:

    Don’t even take the time to worry. If you believe it’s right, why question it? Just go with the flow. Go where life takes you.

  21. AM:

    doing the right things.

  22. sabrina:

    doing the right things

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