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  1. m:

    i sleep more.. i’ve grown taller.

  2. Drew:

    I don’t know if there’s just one. I’ve become more of my own person, good friend’s have come and left, gone on a thousand adventures, become a better musician/artist/writer, I’d like to think that I’m a better person. More pragmatic, fucking ambitious and hopeful. Picked up and dropped off a few and a half hobbies, and found a goldmine of music. And I’m still growing up. Ish.

  3. Mazl:

    Not being able to drive anymore because of visual probs… I am more resourceful, certainly fitter and healthier….lots of new adventures…..more grateful for what I can do…living and appreciating every day……

  4. dada:

    learn how to be myself

  5. Navyshebee:

    I came home from Iraq and I wake each morning glad to be alive, I have learned to accept my new self and to take baby steps as I learn to live with the challenges i have been given. I am sure there is a higher plan and reason for these challenges , just not sure yet, that I can see it. I am more positive in my outlook on life and more grateful for the little things people take for granted.

  6. cj:

    Went from being a healthy person with my own fitness business to emergency brain surgery. Now 18 months later having brain pain again …can’t walk, migraines. But slowly I am improving… Walking without pain is such a blessing we all take for granted. Healing is happening. God is good.

  7. Kelly:

    I went from having a plan to being completely lost. But now I think that the ones who think they’ve found their way are the ones most lost

  8. jj:

    Broke up a longtime relationship which led to so many changes that I feel completely confused and lost most of the time. But, I think this is a good thing, and that I am just in the process of discovering what I am realy here for. Wow, what an experience.

  9. Nina:

    I like the answers. Mine is in progress; I’m finally learning what is really important and letting go of the rest. I’m learning to be OK with uncertainty.

  10. Gracie:

    don’t know if i can pick just one. Like Kelly, went from having a plan to being completely lost, but slowly trying to figure things out. The other would have to be realizing that i’ve fallen in love with someone

  11. Rob:

    Divorce, and the subsequent rebuilding of my life thereafter

  12. Ila:

    My panic attacks and all the awareness that followed them.

  13. Cari:

    The loss of my job two years ago, and my husband’s job loss three years ago. We nearly lost everything we own in the process and had a year and half off together. Kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time! Now we are both employed I am grateful for the income and work, but sad to lose the time off I had with my husband…

    Everyone else’s answers remind me to be grateful for my own problems and to be empathetic to the lives of others. I hope everyone comes through their problems with more knowledge and stregnth than they had before. I wish you all well!

  14. Having a baby competely changed my life. I think everyone should change when they have children. Even if you were already an amazing person, the introduction of another human being should leave a huge mark on you. I love every moment, and I learn so much with him.

  15. Mike:

    Accepting being alone.

  16. Cori:

    re-connected and married my husband.

  17. Saleh:

    Despite graduating with excellent grades, trying not to regret some decisions I made few years ago with regards to make my career path. But now getting the courage and motivation to pick myself again, to pursue a career in a field I should have been in, more than 5 years ago!

  18. Mekka:

    When I decided that I was beautiful no matter what, and that it was okay for me to eat again.

  19. Probably the fact that I started self harming has changed my entire life the most. Everything is different now…

  20. The most significant change that I’ve experienced in the past 3 years is that I went from being a fundamentalist Christian to an Atheist! (:

  21. having someone to having no one, you’ll start to know loneliness. and people will come and go, heck you’ll come and go yourself. but in the end, or in my case a year and 26 days later, everything you’ve ever wanted in him will work out. don’t give up, everything happens for a reason.

  22. Jen:

    I am no longer my mother’s puppet. I feel, say and think what I want and I’m not afraid.

  23. Kay:

    Moving. It changed the entire course of my life – I now know what I want, in a partner, in a job, in life.

  24. Jaki:

    Moving, my parents’ divorce, falling in and out of love with a coward, and falling in love again, cautiously, with a (hopefully) better guy.

  25. Becca:

    Having a miscarriage. And realising that everything happens for a reason. To stop trying to work out those reasons, and to just keep living.

  26. Me:

    Have accepted myself with my flaws and let go of negative people from my life

  27. Lauren:

    beginning the journey of becoming what God created me to be….

  28. Nic:

    The death of my partner from cancer.

  29. southerngirl:

    finding out about my husband’s infidelity, unsuccessfully staying in the marriage for over a year trying to make the marriage work, a separation, a lingering divorce and then losing myself in the process

  30. AM:

    becoming a Mommy 🙂

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