Question 801

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40 Responses to “Question 801”

  1. Susan:

    insecure, fearful, remorseful and yet . . . grateful

  2. dada:

    positive crazy, optimist

  3. Mazl:

    …..optimistic…… discerning…….enthusiastic……

  4. pit:

    pathetic failure

  5. Helen:

    positive, creative, honest

  6. Drew:

    I don’t know if anybody can describe themselves well with any other word, but human.

  7. Sjors:

    thoughtfull, experiencing, free

  8. Angela:

    Determined, loving, complex

  9. Rob:

    Peaceful adrenaline junkie

  10. tash:

    honest, timid, sceptical

  11. Kelly:

    aware, loving, honest
    are my first reaction, interesting though

  12. winston:

    Father, honest,dependable

  13. Leila:

    i am loved.

  14. Leena:

    Impossible to describe. 🙂

  15. Cat:

    Creative Smart Childish

  16. Mo:

    Grandmother, curious, content

  17. outgoing,creative,insecure

  18. funny, caring, and carefree

  19. searching for more

  20. hamish:

    Free, mellow, shy

  21. Anne:

    generally happy

  22. Cari:

    Empathetic, intellectual, equestrian
    I love reading all the answers…!

  23. Phuong:

    timid, sensitive, compassionate

  24. Dan Farmer:

    Quitting is failure.

  25. Tad:

    Meaning, Understanding, Active (in life and feeling everything it has to offer. it means more then this even.)

  26. I agree with Drew on the subject ” I don’t know if anybody can describe themselves well with any other word, but human.” However if I must choose only three.

    Passion, Meaning, Freedom

  27. Alan:

    Observant, Enduring, Patient

  28. Mehdi:

    happy, humble

  29. Sam:

    Curious, Lazy, Shy

  30. Ashley:

    I am infinite.

  31. Nikolakis:

    Greek. Poor. Sarcastic.

  32. accidentally funny

  33. Me:

    Emotional, loving and carefree

  34. Lauren:

    intense, proud, reckless with curiosity…

  35. Rayton:

    life´s enthusiastic explorer

  36. Jess:

    Shy, insecure, geek

  37. Fraser:

    Acceptable in moderation

  38. Henry:

    semper fidelis

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