Question 802

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27 Responses to “Question 802”

  1. m:

    staying away .. you got to sleep.. umm smoking or taking crap from people.

  2. Cat:

    Going on Facebook, looking at other people and comparing how you look to them, and wasting time being depressed

  3. Mo:

    Procrastinating on the things I don’t want to do but must be done.

  4. Susan:

    Negative self-talk

  5. Navyshebee:

    Being so hard on myself

  6. Rob:

    Trying to fit what society thinks I should fit

  7. Quit caring about what others think and just try to be yourself.

  8. Luz:

    Make questions : )

  9. Kelly:

    Second guessing decisions that have already been finalized

  10. winston:

    Quit being so lazy and go get the things I want.

  11. Mekka:

    Deciding to let myself not hate others, or myself.

  12. reading into someone else’s words too much

  13. Cari:

    I must stop allowing myself to be UNHAPPY…which is in everyone’s own power to do.

  14. Living beyond your means.

  15. AJ:

    Sadness. If you quit being sad and chose to be happy instead then you will be. (and IT IS up to you to quit sadness!)

  16. Ted:

    Being controlled.

  17. Rebecca:

    trying to please others

  18. Alan:

    Trying to imitate what others are doing and look to what YOU want to acheive.

  19. jj:

    trying to be what you are not just to fit in some society “mold”

  20. Sam:

    Worrying, being lazy

  21. Jaki:

    Worrying about everything. Especially getting hurt! No matter what makes your life worth living, you have to take risks to make it worthwhile. Yes, you’ll end up getting hurt once in awhile. But when you come out of it, you’re stronger and you know how to avoid making the same mistakes again. So don’t worry! Just enjoy life while you’ve got it 🙂

  22. Alicia:

    Procrastinating, comparing yourself to others, hating

  23. Me:

    Never doubt yourself.

  24. Lauren:

    standing in my own way…

  25. Celestina:

    judging yourself

  26. Rayton:

    Doubting myself too much

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