Question 803

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25 Responses to “Question 803”

  1. I think you need to be an excellent listener in order to succeed at anything! (:

  2. m:

    sleep good.. just good communication

  3. Angria:


  4. persistance

  5. Mazl:

    make a start…..

  6. Cari:

    Willpower! Getting involved and staying involved, no matter what…

  7. Nina:


  8. Jen:

    The strengthen to let things go.

  9. Kelly:

    the ability to learn from mistakes

  10. dada:

    much more creativity

  11. AJ:

    Persistence. Definitely! If you are not persistent then you would be giving up on every obstacle thus never really reaching success. While failure is no more than a step closer to success.

  12. Rebecca:

    communication, with others and with yourself.

  13. Emmy:


  14. jj:

    the ability to understand, yourself and others

  15. Alan:

    Pacing and perseverence

  16. Becca:

    I most defiantly agree with perseverance and understanding. I also think its good to have a broad perspective; it helps one deal with obstacles in life.

  17. ee:

    i think you all should just shut the fuck up!!!! really people?

  18. Jill:

    the ability to be confident

  19. Green Knight:

    Imagination 🙂

  20. Alexandra:

    Staying motivated

  21. Lauren:


  22. Jodie:

    … the ability to make decisions

  23. Rayton:


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