Question 805

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  1. m:

    when they don’t sleep alot.. when they don’t listen and they think they know it all.. know it all people think they are getting somewhere but really they are moving in a circle pretty much their whole life.

  2. Rebecca:

    not sleeping/letting work overwhelm them to a point where they aren’t rested.

  3. Susan:

    No, wait!
    No, that’s not it.
    I think I’ll wait and answer this later.

  4. Letting fear control their lives

  5. dada:

    fear of failling

  6. Mazl:

    ….. inability to delegate….

  7. Not letting go and moving on from negativity in your life.

  8. Navyshebee:

    A Micromanager

  9. Alan:

    Self Doubt

  10. Kelly:

    Blaming themselves for things that are out of their control

  11. alwaysbelieve:

    showing their true selves – just going with the flow and not being authentic

  12. Madeline:

    gluttony and excessive self-indulgence

  13. Dan:


  14. Heather:


  15. jj:

    thinking “was I good enough?”

  16. rhonda:

    Thank you Kelly … I love your answer 🙂

  17. seeking so much attention, broadcasting insecurities.

  18. Moya:

    the answer is ” being too proud of themselves”

  19. Cora:

    Not being able to trust.

  20. Me:

    Fear of not being able to make it

  21. Lauren:

    the truth of what is possible…
    it is often much more daunting to face what we are capable of, than choosing not to…

  22. FEAR!!!!!

  23. Rayton:

    Giving up when it gets a little messy.

  24. beluga617:

    Fear and being judged is what holds me back from trying to do the right thing or not being good enough for people to hear and understand my voice and why i look at the perspective i do

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