Question 806

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  1. Lim Wen Jue:


  2. Susan:

    Anything that serves as a ‘wake-up’ call to start living and appreciating life. In my case, it was a serious illness where I looked at death in the face. In retrospect, it was one of the most meaningful things that has ever happened to me and it dramatically changed my life for the better.

  3. matt:

    true love

  4. Mazl:


  5. Going to a Packer game … at Lambeau Field!

  6. george:

    In line with what susan said, try LSD just once.
    for me it has been that ‘wake-up’ call to start living and appreciating life.
    it makes you rediscover the world as if you were a small child, seeing things for the first time

  7. Bonsi:

    True love and/or true friendship

  8. Cari:

    Powerlessness – because it humbles you and opens your mind to the power you DO have all at the same time…

  9. Livvy:

    skydiving for fun and for life love.<3

  10. Madeline:

    the taste of wonderful food ♥

  11. m:

    sleeping for a week… love..

  12. Drew:

    Well, zip lining’s pretty cool…

  13. LulúM:

    free falling! it’s amazing!

  14. jimmie rustles:

    fucking rawdog

  15. jj:


  16. Ayesha:

    Falling in love <3

  17. Rebecca:

    A true friendship

  18. Alexandra:

    Getting away from it all, even just for ONE DAY.

  19. j&j:

    Try to find the end of the rainbow…literally, and take the hard road once…in a while.

  20. Katie:

    Facing a paralyzing fear and realizing it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

  21. Cora:

    living without expectations for self or others… even if its for a short time

  22. Me:

    Self less love

  23. lili:

    skiing 🙂

  24. Alicia:

    Real friendship
    Feeling free

  25. Lauren:

    the happiness of seeing who they were born to become… absolutely priceless

  26. Going to the ocean!!!!!

  27. Bilbo:

    Being born

  28. Nic:

    Being completely free. Starting life over for a time, with nothing to hold you back: no ties to your past life, no commitments, no friends, nothing but the clothes you stand in.

  29. Rayton:

    True friendship

  30. Kiara:

    New Zealand
    The South Pacific

  31. Fraser:

    A pleasant surprise

  32. Mone't:

    Not having FEAR.

  33. Henry:


  34. Hotchkiss:

    See Meteor Shower and Aurora^^

  35. Tara:

    Starvation. And terror.

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