Question 809

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  1. Drew:

    Anything with meaning, anything you really need to do to say you made something beautiful. Writing, carving, painting, drawing, anything that really leaves something behind. The things that leave impacts are the things that we need to take the most time on, they are the conversations we are creating. We have to make sure they are worth talking about.

  2. Drew:

    And a friend of mine from work, and my girlfriend’s brother were both just killed in car accidents. So yes, driving as well.

  3. agnessa:


  4. Mazl:


  5. rhonda:


  6. Susan:

    Growing old.

    It is best to slow down as slowly as possible.

  7. dada:

    growing old

  8. Navyshebee:

    Thinking about what you are going to say, before saying it

  9. Rebecca:


  10. Madeline:

    playing chess.

  11. Emmy:

    Falling in love

  12. j&j:

    Giving a massage…

  13. jj:

    eating, enjoying the taste…
    oh, I need to remind myself of that often :D…

  14. Katie:

    Growing Old

  15. Angria:

    building trust

  16. Cora:

    building a business from scratch

  17. Me:

    Decision making

  18. Lauren:

    everything worth doing…

  19. Celestina:


  20. Lizbeth:


  21. sasha:

    starting a relationship

  22. Usnevrelevišnje:

    Love 🙂

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