Question 44

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  1. Zoe:

    That time heals all, but it still hurts all the same for the time being. That there is a thin line between having an experience and bearing a scar. That you can choose the road but not the destination.

  2. Nick:

    Life goes on. For you to get what you want, you must work hard for it.

  3. Kate:

    -Who my friends really are.

    -Stay true to myself through thick and thin.

    -Don’t let anyone tell you to do something you’re not comfortable doing.

  4. Morgan:

    Just because someone doesn’t love me the way I want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love me with all they have.

  5. Michael Hitchcock:

    That you can spend your whole life trying to get back something you lost or twenty-five minutes making something new.

  6. Kristen Deneuve:

    No matter how much you give it your all for a person, sometimes they just don’t feel any friendship for you. No matter how often you stand up for them or protect them or are there for them when they’re feeling down, they will leave you hanging whenever you request help. Just a ‘it’s gonna be okay’ is too much to ask for them.
    After I learned that I can say that even though I feel alone and heartbroken and everything is way too much for me, I am relieved of the burden of helping him through his problems and concentrate on my own.

  7. Rowena:

    I’m beautiful.

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