Question 810

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  1. Jesus

  2. m:

    sleep.. love

  3. j&j:

    Sex and strawberrys

  4. Moya:


  5. V3nD1:


  6. chelsea:

    a heart

  7. Mazl:


  8. Susan:

    A goal.

  9. Navyshebee:

    tolerance for each individuals differences from our own

  10. Brooke:

    A purpose in life.

  11. eotling:

    to express themselves once in a while

  12. Doug:


  13. dada:


  14. Inge:


  15. Goals, dreams, hope, friends, love, rest

  16. Beth:


  17. Lisa:

    Wonder, love, inspiration, the williness to explore life

  18. Katie:

    Unconditional, unbridled Love

  19. Cari:


  20. Angria:


  21. Cora:

    to see the beauty and possiblities of their own life… each new day

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  23. Me:


  24. Lauren:

    hope to be kept alive…

  25. rules and boundaries. because that’s all people avoid.

  26. Bilbo:

    A stick for a pillow

  27. Mike:

    Inner Peace

  28. Negz:


  29. Karl:

    a hug <3

  30. Usnevrelevišnje:

    Another person.

  31. bwatt:

    someone to talk to

  32. Fraser:


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