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  1. Drew:

    Oh, lots of things. I hope I regret something when I’m older. I’ve never understood people when they say that they live without regrets. They’re such an integral part of life, they’re little lessons and little reminders. When you wake up at 40 years old and you say yourself “What happened to France? What happened to swimming naked? What happened to kissing that girl in high school?” Well, now you know what you still need to do. Those regrets remind me of what I wanted to do and that I still need to spend time doing those kinds of things, not just when I am and young or when I am old. When I’m alive, I suppose is what I’m trying to say. I’d just always like to keep that alive, that spark, that fire that keeps me wanting to live out my life.

    Regrets also teach you to say I’m sorry.

    As soon as I regret something, it hits me. “I fucked up.” Part of growing up, and I think even part of being a good man, or being a good person in general, is learning to make decisions, and learning to be okay with them and learning to own up to them and to deal with that. When I regret, something in my head tells me to say I’m sorry. And I’ve never thought that’s a bad thing. I think it’s a beautiful thing. It’s what help to keep me connected to other people.

  2. Ritanjali:

    i don’t want to regret “What if i waited things could have changed”

  3. AJ:

    I dont want to regret missing out on all the good times and realizing it after its too late.
    ~Don’t waste your time thinking about what could have been or what could be, because you will miss out on what is!~

  4. Dee:

    I never want to say “I’m sorry I never tried that”

  5. Not telling someone how much I care about them.

  6. Kelly:

    I’m not sure if it would be a regret, because I know any path will lead me to a place I could not have comprehended beforehand. But I do fear that I’m making the wrong choice in going back to school right now. But I suppose my tendency to evaluate choices in binary terms of right and wrong is just proof of how much I need it.

  7. Cari:

    Drew’s words are perfect! It is true – regret leads us down a different path. I guess a better question is – Did you change after you had a regret?

    The one thing I know that I will regret ahead of time is saving money. While I have been forced recently to spend all my savings on staying alive, I am well aware that the savings needs to be built up again and if I don’t, I’ll regret it!

  8. jj:

    Not saying what I wanted to just because of thinking “what if”?
    But, well, it might have been that way because it needed to and I just was not ready to learn from it, and I would also totally support Drew on that one.

  9. sunup:

    Not loving enough.

  10. Me:

    Doing something right now while I could do it!

  11. Mazl:

    Lack of commitment ……?

  12. Lauren:

    giving up on myself…

  13. mac1:

    not going traveling.. for one

  14. nothing. my ego is so big it has created a whole cold city without a sun.

    ok probably not fixing my ego and self-esteem.

  15. Not moving forward!!!!

  16. Bilbo:

    I want to regret things now and not have to wait!

  17. Courtney:

    I don’t want to regret never traveling the world, life is too short to spend all your time in one place.

    Drew – great point, I’ve never thought of it that way. Cheers to you, I like your argument.

  18. Not telling the girl I love how much I loved her until its too late

  19. Navyshebee:

    Not forgiving those that have hurt me or wronged me in someway, you must learn to let go and move forward loving life.

  20. Nic:

    Not letting my friends know how much they mean to me.

  21. Ria:

    I don’t want to regret getting married to him.

  22. southerngirl:

    not moving forward
    that i married him
    that i missed my daughters lives due to depression
    that i let fear paralyze me
    that i gave them that much control over my life
    that i let them take away who I AM
    that i let her change the course of my life with her choices
    that i let go and loved again
    that i stood up and changed my life today
    that i didn’t believe in myself

  23. Usnevrelevišnje:


  24. Rayton:

    not overcoming my fears
    not getting out of my comfort zone enough
    not loving myself throughout my life

  25. Carmen:

    I never want to regret something that i didnt do

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