Question 812

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32 Responses to “Question 812”

  1. Drew:

    Cliché, but love. Specifically, someone to look up to. A real role model, somebody to watch out for them, whoever it is.

  2. Madeline:

    a hopeful future.

  3. m:

    sleep.. parents who sincerely love them.

  4. Angria:

    love. protection. trust. happiness.

  5. kp:

    Parents who take the time for them every day to help them learn and grow – parents who put them before themselves.

  6. Mandi:

    Unconditional love, complete acceptance for their individuality not trashing their self esteem. A A A single word of Encouragement early in a child’s life will go farther than the hours of pain latter in an intervention.

  7. Me:

    A perfectly normal childhood creating memories to last a lifetime

  8. Mazl:


  9. lili:

    love of a father and mother

  10. emma:


  11. grace

  12. Rebecca:

    to smile more than they frown

  13. Emmy:


  14. Lauren:

    a chance to be who they were born to be…

  15. Celestina:


  16. Katie:

    Parents who know how to be parents. That means both loving them unconditionally and also setting boundaries and moral values for them, as well as teaching them how to function in the real world. So many parents forget that part.

  17. Wesley:

    A loving home

  18. Danni:


  19. Kelly:

    Start with the basics – food, love, safety, security, etc… All the tangible and intangible things they need to survive. However, an ideal life is more than survival. Build on the basics and add education, healthcare, and an environment that encourages the development of their little bodies and their imagination. Through it all provide them with direction, a working understanding of consequences for their actions, a lot of trust, and a sense of belongingness.

  20. Esther:

    An opportunity to develop their potential, with someone who believes in them and lovingly pushes them – NO matter what.

  21. Negz:

    Love…secure life…Happiness…undying smile

  22. Navyshebee:

    To grow up , and enjoy thier childhood at thier pace.

  23. Nic:

    To feel safe.

  24. feedom

  25. bwatt:

    a happy childhood…cause we all know the adult life is crazy

  26. Rayton:

    A loving family, a potential for a good future and enriching environment.

  27. Ben Carpenter:

    A Chance.

  28. ed:

    to be loved

  29. AM:


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