Question 813

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22 Responses to “Question 813”

  1. Me:

    Living 🙂

  2. Rebecca:


  3. m:

    sleep.. family

  4. dada:


  5. Susan:

    ice cream

  6. Mazl:

    being here ….
    …. and yoghurt

  7. Jason:

    helping others grow

  8. laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

  9. Nicholl:


  10. Katie:

    Hugging him. I could do it for weeks straight.

  11. Kelly:

    Nothing–the temporality is what makes everything worthwhile.

  12. Wesley:

    Hugging and kissing her <3

  13. EZ:

    SMILING :).

  14. Running in the rain!

  15. Navy Shebee:


  16. Negz:

    My flowers…Mom….

  17. jj:

    good humor

  18. Kiara:

    Making people smile
    Jumping in puddles
    Exploring =J

  19. Usnevrelevišnje:

    This song
    You probably don’t understand Croatian, but words of this song are perfect.

  20. Rayton:

    good books, watching the changing landscapes, music, learning

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