Question 819

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  1. Susan:


  2. Mazl:

    Slavery – past and present

  3. george:


  4. kiki:

    George is so right ^^

  5. Madeline:

    selling our labor power for imaginary benefits. labor is a human’s power to change their environment. selling it for cheaper than it is worth harms the overall economy as the price of our labor will go down. this results is an ever growing gap of the rich and poor.

  6. Debi:

    Taking land away from native people.

  7. -Patriarchy

  8. Gelly:

    Thinking that one group of people is superior to another, its the root of all conflict since the dawn of time

  9. Deb:

    Slavery. War. Man controls these violations.

  10. Ria:

    Listening to people like Marx and not listening to people like Tesla.

  11. Genevieve:

    Repeating itself.

  12. Amanda:

    the creation of money

  13. David:

    hmm, some of these answers are outlandish. “religion”? “money”? Most of America’s founding fathers were men of God, and the invention of money is one of the fundamental building blocks of civilization. You can’t have the good without the bad. Then again, you can have bad without the good… I know I didn’t answer the question. That’s because there is no answer. How are we surposed to know alternate possibilities in history?. Que sera, sera.

  14. ashley:

    Marie Anntonette deathe by giatine

  15. Me:


  16. Religion/Cast

  17. lennyk:


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