Question 45

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39 Responses to “Question 45”

  1. Dicey:

    I know it’s a long shot… but I’d like to see people smile more often.

  2. Cherry:

    I’d like to change the amount of suffering that goes on. Too many lives are full of pain.

  3. valerie:

    Rid the world of all forms of abuse.

  4. I would like people to experience the world more mindfully and fully; for them to become aware that they are living miracles; that the quality of every moment of our lives is greatly dependent on our very thoughts; for them to believe that every human being is inherently good, since people are merely succumbing to sin/evil simply because of their lack of faith in the world and in themselves, which, one possible solution to this, is to accept and love one another and oneself. <3

  5. bobby:

    i would like to see more people giving some thought about what’s happening around them.
    It really doesn’t matter the conclusion nor the direction of their oppinions.
    But there are too many of us taking all sort of information for granted, lacking curiosity and intelligence.

    …this is what i would like to change about the world.

  6. Anie:

    I would like to change the way people ignore events and circumstances and sometimes the most beautiful things just because they don’t understand them. The world would be infinitely better if people opened their minds and their hearts to new experiences.

  7. Cassie:

    The world itself. Do I need an explanation? All you have to do is take a look around, watch the news, read the paper, look at the drop out and suicide rates, etc.

  8. Samantha:


  9. Jeff:

    I would like to find Osama bin Laden and let the world watch him hang.

  10. GooeyBooey:

    The mindset of people. I would like change all the people’s mindset to a more eco-conscious/ eco-friendly mindset and more tolerant of one another.

  11. shelby 16:

    I would like to take away all pain and suffering. I would also take away mental and physical effects of abuse and m,ake every person on this planet happy and re ignite the will and the passion of life. That would be what I would do.

  12. david:

    no moore war

  13. sometimes you change your own mindset, the whole world changes 😉

  14. Sarah:

    I’m with Valerie on this one. Being someone who’s experienced a few forms of abuse myself, and has seen others come out far worse than me from it, I wish that it didn’t even exist.

  15. Kimmi:

    I would get rid of alcohol. It’s making my brother despise living with my parents, and my little sister blame herself for everything that’s going on.

  16. Amy:

    I would like to change the way people ignore events and circumstances and sometimes the most beautiful things just because they don’t understand them. The world would be infinitely better if people opened their minds and their hearts to new experiences.

  17. h.l:

    Turn all the suffering into happiness.

  18. Beth:

    I would simply ask that people be more positive. The constant negativity I see is so sad, there are way too many people that are unhappy and feel the need to spread that to others around them. This is why I generally try to be as positive as possible 🙂

  19. Grace:

    The pollution. I don’t like how there’s litter almost everywhere i go. i DO pick them up and throw them in the nearest garbage can, but then i just find more people littering and it just annoys me so much when they don’t even have a slight clue how they’re killing the world.

  20. b.b.:

    if i got to change one thing about the world it would be less polution

  21. Stop society from running this world. And let people be themselves and not have to prove anything to anyone other then themselves and people they love. It doesn’t matter where you live or how you dress or even what size you are. Stop the judging of human life.

  22. wish there was less people.

    sooner or later we’re gonna have to controal our population levals

  23. I would make it legal for same sex couples to get married all over the world. I dont see the big deal about same sex couples being able to get married God made us all and we live how we want

  24. Anonymous:

    Bring tolerance and balance into the world.

  25. freestylewalker:

    More love.
    If we love more, we respect more, and are willing to listen and accept more.

    If not more love, at least less ignorance. We need to open our eyes and see not differences, but individualities. See how we’re hurting ourselves, others, and this spinning blue space rock we call our home. When we understand, we will be outraged, and we will change it for the better.
    Or, that would be my hope.

  26. Sophia:


  27. April:

    Totally hippy sounding, but more love. All you need is love. 🙂

  28. Rachel:

    No more religion. I know that sounds terrible, and perhaps I’m terribly naive. But no. more. war. over religion. No more hate. Please.

  29. Aimee:

    The requirements it sets for people. We should be able to live for happiness instead of through the specific paths that are set out for us.

  30. Amanda:

    How judgmental people are. I just wish we were more accepting of each other.

  31. Ris:

    I’d want to see less people feeling like they’ve failed because they keep being setback by factors they can’t control.

  32. dani:

    the hate

  33. Kelli:

    Human Cruelty and Ignorance.
    We need to stop the killing.
    Stop the hating.
    And accept the world.

  34. Nick:

    People should love others more than just thinking about themselves.

  35. Michael Hitchcock:

    The social acceptability of anti-intellectualism.

  36. Kristen Deneuve:

    Humans are a selfish lot. I wish they could see what others see – I wish there were no more sayings like ‘There’re three sides to each argument, your side, their side and the truth’. If there was one thing I could change about the world I would make it so that every human cares for what others feel and takes responsibility and care.

  37. Rowena:

    The constant judgment of others. Or maybe the ability to accept EVERYONE.

  38. Sam:



  39. Joleen:

    Religion – most of the wars in this world are because of it.

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