Question 823

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31 Responses to “Question 823”

  1. Leena:

    Thoughts. Worries. Situations that play out inside my head.

  2. m:

    nothing bc i sleep.. just my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Happy Daze:

    Stuff I haven’t done……!

  4. my thoughts … which turn into dreams.

  5. Mazl:


  6. scarlet:

    as to God…r u there?.

  7. Negz:

    Too much thought in my mind

  8. Susan:

    worries, fears, regrets

  9. Being scared of the dark 🙂

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  11. Alicia:

    Homework, projects, work.

    …are none of you people students?

  12. Angria:

    Mainly memories…but, pretty much everything

  13. Vern:

    Nightmares from working in Emergency Medical Service and seeing that life ends in tragic ways.

  14. Esther:

    Sensory sensitivities, racing thoughts, music scores playing in my head. Autism can give horrible insomnia.

  15. EZ:

    Work…practicum… In regards to your question, Alicia: most students are out of College/Schools for the summer.

  16. MoparDanimal:

    my lover

  17. Sasha:

    What I want to do for the rest of my life. If I made the right decision letting him go. Etc.

  18. Worrying on how to fix my current situation!!!!

  19. Ria:

    Noisy roommates><

  20. AdamOdes:

    all the things I have no control of.

  21. Working on unfinished projects

  22. Toheeb:

    analyse my day -calculating my wrongs and rights

  23. Mosquitos.

  24. Green Knight:

    I stay awake for the silence. Sometimes its so beatiful and peaceful I’m afraid to go to sleep and forget what it was like.

  25. karina:

    my tears, my depression and my fears

  26. Fraser:

    I think in the silence, and those thoughts keep me awake for hours every night.

  27. Me:

    Thinking about the uncertainties my future has

  28. Rayton:

    fears of failure and incompetence

  29. Mone't:

    Old memories that I am trying to let go.

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