Question 824

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27 Responses to “Question 824”

  1. Drew:

    A lot of answers that I won’t get for a long time. And some motivation.

  2. Madeline:

    consistent happiness

  3. m:

    the perfrect bed to sleep on.. love and happiness.

  4. Mazl:

    Too many answers… for too many questions

  5. Susan:

    How to feel like a normal human being. Whatever that is.

  6. winston:

    The silver lining thats suppose to be around every cloud.

  7. Maslow:

    Purpose, and someone else

  8. Angria:

    A time when I’m not afraid of happiness. Peace of mind. Acceptance.

  9. Jaki:

    Peace and happiness.

  10. niti:


  11. Katie:

    A way to just let go of all the fear.

  12. Ria:

    A job 🙁

  13. tarif mohammad:

    a perfect career option

  14. Claire:

    Enough peace of mind to help me come to terms with my past and demand better for my future

  15. The secret to moving on

  16. Lynn:

    My life’s purpose.

  17. Ravi:

    What do I really want?

  18. Tobias:

    A way out.

  19. karina:

    a way out to my depression and happiness

  20. Alicia:

    peace of mind.

  21. Fraser:

    The right questions

  22. Me:

    Answers to some questions which I know are better left unanswered.

  23. Valerie:

    happiness and somebody who still believes in love…

  24. Unbelievaburgers:

    That Waldo jerk.

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