Question 825

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  1. Susan:

    ~ Value Peace more than anger. With anger you lose your peace mind.
    ~ When you’re angry say nothing and count to 10 before you speak. If very angry, count to 100.
    ~ Breathe deeply.

  2. Mazl:

    Depends on the circumstances that has triggered the anger…
    Some anger requires action eg cruelty to an animal
    Generally a restrained silence or a brisk walk helps with the issue being addressed later….

  3. dada:

    ask yourself if its something important or is it just your bad day

  4. Deep breaths … and a little laughter never hurts!

  5. Cari:

    For me, a person who has had anger issues all her life, the one thing that dissapates my anger the most is to:
    1. Gget some distance from the issue causing the anger.
    2. Consider why I feel angry instead of focusing on the emotion itself (which only intensifies the feeling)
    3. Reframe the issue in clear terms and be able to explain it to the person calmly.
    4. Talk to the person who angered you but without all the emotion. It’s still there in a way, but now you can explain yourself and are more likely to be heard because you aren’t attacking them.

  6. Tiva Joy:

    I have no idea. Sometimes writing it out helps me, other times just talking with someone about what is bothering me… Sometimes I just have to be angry and let it pass naturally and hope I don’t say anything hurtful. Calming music helps sometimes too.

  7. In that instant, deep breaths to clear your mind then find some productive outlet for the energy (exercise, art)

  8. AdamOdes:

    Face it and embrace it.

  9. Katie:

    Remembering that God forgave you, so you should be able to forgive others. And remembering that regardless of who we are.. we all screw up and we all have times when we are complete jerks. If you look at it that way.. its hard to stay angry with someone.

  10. Go running

  11. Ria:

    Journaling, prayer.

  12. Ravi:

    I don’t know. I always get angry and then I repent and in sorrow for becoming angry then I decide not to be angry and read some web pages, books etc. After few days I get angry again and the cycle continues.

  13. angie385:

    to feel allowed to say “i am angry” – as soon as I say it, some of it goes away….

  14. hexmage:

    Releasing it int a physical activity.

  15. Me:

    Think about the consequences

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