Question 826

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30 Responses to “Question 826”

  1. Angria:

    Going to a favorite class.
    Listening to music.
    Being with my horse.

  2. Drew:

    Hot chocolate and marijuana, to be honest.

  3. m:


  4. Leila:

    acoustic guitar

  5. Ani:

    A hug. But not just any hug. A hug that is from someone who actually cares. The type of hug that is so tight it almost hurts, you can feel it for a long while after they finally let go, which makes you feel like in the metaphysical sense…they’ll never let go because they love you enough to spare that part of them. Mom’s tend to be the best at it, but siblings, best friends, papa’s and the occasional temporary friend are pretty good at it too. (I got one from a nurse once, when my little brother was in the hospital after his lungs stopped working. I was 10 and could feel her hug for hours after I went home.)

  6. my mother’s voice.

  7. niv:

    A hug.

  8. Navyshebee:


  9. Mazl:

    my dog’s face appearing at the window when I arrive home….

  10. Nina:

    365 promises, children’s laughter, puppies, and hearing blues music. 🙂

  11. rob:

    The sound of my motorcycle starting

  12. Alicia:

    Seeing, hearing from, and hugging my boyfriend <3

  13. AdamOdes:

    My wife’s hand and arm on my chest as a lie down with my eyes closed.

  14. Negz:

    My Mom’s face , voice…
    I’m agree with u Ani

  15. Debi:

    I really like Ani’s answer, but a coke does it for me. Happiness is in the bubbles.

  16. Fenny:

    Home alone on a rainy day. There’s something so soothing about the rain.

  17. Joannaa.RDM:

    seeing other people being happy

  18. Kelly:


  19. yhat:

    taking a quick walk while listening to good music then have a good meal after (..while still listening to music)

  20. Bonsi:

    Seeing happy people, cuddling, see my best friend

  21. Lynn:

    Great sex.

  22. Diane Zandman:

    Your spouses fingers gently caresses your cheek, the words whispered in your ear “I love you so much”,Your children’s smile.

  23. Ravi:

    If I feel I can be exposed by someone I feel most afraid. If that moment goes away then I am instantly relieved.

  24. Fiona:

    Random compliments. From anyone.

  25. Me:

    A hug definately 🙂

  26. Rayton:


  27. Stephanie:

    A smile.

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