Question 829

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  1. […] What is something almost everyone has in common? Excretions… […]

  2. Tunder:

    Our lack of knowledge of others around us. That picture perfect person has his/her own demons to fight.

  3. Tiffany:


  4. Mazl:

    ….a desire for acceptance….

  5. rob:

    At our core we all have the same needs. Food, shelter, to love and to be loved

  6. Ella:

    We are all breathing the same air!

  7. The desire for a better life.

  8. Cari:


  9. Negz:

    Fears and dreams

  10. Madeline:

    the fact we all need to shower at least once in a while or we smell badly >.<

  11. rarity:

    we all have problems.

  12. AdamOdes:


  13. namgay:

    The fear that you’re not good enough.

  14. Kait:

    Smiling 🙂

  15. Ravi:

    I find everyone has a inferiority complex that they try to hide by trying to be always better than someone else in one respect or other.

  16. Chris:

    The need to be happy and have a purpose to their life !

  17. vcm:

    a tough time

  18. rhea:

    the universal truth that all of us repeat our mistakes purposefully

  19. nance:

    something that they are hiding from self and others/

  20. Bhushan097:

    we all have same common time(24 hh in a day)

  21. Sana:

    Inner conflict at some point in your life.

  22. Fraser:

    Our uniqueness.

  23. Me:

    The need to be loved and wanted – to be accepted as we are.

  24. Rayton:

    We all want to belong, but each person has a special level of tendency toward it.

  25. AM:

    we are all struggling with SOMETHING.

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