Question 830

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21 Responses to “Question 830”

  1. Drew:

    For right now, every area is out of my control.

    And it has been amazing. Somehow, this month has been the best time.

  2. niv:

    Money, ’cause I don’t have it.


  3. m:

    my sleeping habits.. school related things.. I hate the structure of school. I learn better at my own pace, but all the do is rush you where you can comprehend anything.

  4. Susan:

    Family relationships

  5. Mazl:

    The grieving part because it has to be hidden

  6. AdamOdes:

    Anger and Frustration

  7. Diane Zandman:

    Grieving, my heart is so empty and longs to be loved again.

  8. Relationship maintenance

  9. Kait:

    Right now, my health, because I can’t even stand….

  10. Ravi:

    My relationships!

  11. Diet and exercise. As much as I try, I cannot seem to keep them going for long periods of time.

  12. vcm:

    i want to say emotions, but depending on the emotion, i do have control, like happiness, but pain and loss, it’s hard to control how i feel about that situation

  13. 5280:

    School. Everyone keeps telling me that I can do it, but somehow I can’t believe them and it feels like it is just going to go its own way.

  14. bhushan097:

    Bad Luck

  15. Fiona:

    My anxiety. It’s interfering with everything and I don’t know how to control it anymore.

  16. Me:

    My marriage

  17. Rayton:

    My changing moods

  18. Samicisco:

    Parenting and step parenting

  19. Dee:

    family life

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