Question 831

Photo by: Per Ola Wiberg

19 Responses to “Question 831”

  1. Outdoors-y, beach sunset with bonfire, surrounded by loved ones and a few good drinks. Indoors-y, movies on the couch. Traveling ~ too many to list, but the fountains at Bellagio in Vegas and Epcot’s firework show are close to #1 🙂

  2. dada:

    every evening with friends and/or familly is perfect

  3. Mazl:

    Sitting on a rug enjoying a picnic with friends, anywhere around Sydney Harbour ……sharing a favourit wine….

  4. Susan:

    Dinner with entire family. Everyone is happy, sharing laughter, love and hugs.

  5. Debi:

    Dinner at a nice restaurant with lots of conversation, then horse-back riding on the beach at sunset.

  6. Chris:

    a drink, hot sex, a stroll on the beach –not necessarily in that order.

  7. Green Knight:

    I don’t think anyone could ever improve the way evening LOOKS, only the way we spend it 🙂

  8. Ravi:

    Taking a walk in woods by myself!

  9. On a beach, in Hawaii, with very few people around (if any)

  10. vcm:

    actually, if I sat in a place like this picture and talked with a great friend about great life stories, I would be pretty content.

  11. karina:

    sitting on top of a cliff near the mountains next to that special person looking on a clear night sky.

  12. Me:

    A peaceful evening spent with my loved ones over a cup of coffee chatting, laughing and sharing jokes.

  13. Alvaro:

    A Sunset Skydive jump followed by a Steak & Beer celebration !!!

  14. Rayton:

    Sitting somewhere with a person I love, having fun, opening to each other and just enjoying the moment.

  15. Samicisco:

    A long walk and talk with David and the dogs.

  16. AM:

    I love crisp cool fall evenings 🙂 With a pretty sunset and the colorful leaves.

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