Question 833

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  1. Susan:

    I’d use it to enlarge my kitchen!

  2. Madeline:

    put a piano, lamp, and couch in there only. hopefully it has a large window and skylight. my piano room <3

  3. Angria:


  4. Mitch:

    Put fluffy comfortable furniture in it. Install speakers into the walls and ceilings… and use it as a crying room.

  5. m:

    sleep in it.. probably put some furniture in it or something.

  6. A studio/music room! No doubt

  7. Genia:

    make a photostudio 🙂

  8. dada:

    rent it to some great guy 🙂

  9. Walk-in closet. Duh.

  10. Navyshebee:

    Make it into a peacful place away from the hustle and bustle to read, knit and have a spot of tea.

  11. Nina:

    Invite a foreign exchange student to stay there.

  12. I did at one time, I turned it into a photography studio. 🙂

    If I had another I would give it to my significant other.

  13. ashley:

    I make the room a tropical paradise and put a spa in their and have a awosome
    walk in closet with beauiful scents to fill the room and candles of course!

  14. Kim:

    I would happily sound-proof it and give my husband a place to play to his mandolin, night & day!

  15. lili:

    a room for art to do what ever i want and dont have to worry about getting paint everywhere somewhere i could paint on the walls and cellinga and floor 🙂

  16. Debi:

    I need another bedroom for my son, who’s back home suddenly and just in case your curious, his old bedroom is being used as a bedroom for my grandson. Wish I could afford a cool daybed for the family room that is now his bedroom. Busy household here folks!

  17. Megan:

    Floor to ceiling bookshelves. A library. And it would be filled with comfy chairs of all shapes and sizes, none of them matching, of course. And little tables on which I could set coffee or tea or whatever treat I was eating. It would be my own personal wonderland of fiction.

  18. vcm:

    well, when i do have my own house with an extra room, it’ll probably be either an office, a craft/teacher room or just your simple guest room.

  19. T. B. R.:

    I’d cover the walls with mirrors, put up a ballet barre, and have one of my science buddies install a super sick sound system. Basically, I’d make a dance studio 🙂

  20. bhushan097:

    keep all luggage & Unwanted/unused(use it occasionally) things in that room & make my house Neat & Clean

  21. Sana:

    Build a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves covering all four walls(:

  22. Becky:

    1/2 craft room, 1/2 relaxation area. lots of storage for craft stuff, a cozy chair, a nice rug, a few very hardy plants(i do not have a green thumb) and a table for the crafting.

  23. Isabel:

    I’d make a fullround art room of it! For sewing, photography, painting- anything’s possible.

  24. karina:

    i would create an art studio..i love to paint and draw, since i don’t have a lot of space in my room.

  25. zavia:

    agree with DADA rent it to some great guy

  26. A gym!!!!

  27. Lara:

    a library with a a ladder :J and lots of beautifully comfy couches

  28. W.A. Abah:

    Just for thinking.

  29. W.A. Abah:

    Just a room for thinking.

  30. Me:

    I would make it a lounge – surrounded with my favourite books and music CDs. Comfy chairs, bean bags and couches to just relax and enjoy!

  31. schoolgirl:

    it would be totally private and not have much in it, my schoolstuff, desk + chair + stationary etc, and maybe just a few nice things like mini m&m’s / teddy. On the wall (in pic frames) would be my previous report cards. It would be my ‘homework, studying and practising trumpet’ room! that would make it much eeeeeeaaaasssssiiieerr to do homework,study etc… oh it would also have my music on when i’m not playing my trumpet and making my own music.

  32. Rayton:

    A room in which I can host people coming to sleep. In the meanwhile, it will sort of be a realxing zone for me.

  33. Hersie:

    I’ve always wanted to have an extra room because i wanna be able to put up a mini recording/editing studio. Where i can do couple of recordings.

  34. BR:

    Art studio. When I am painting I’m in my own zone and I’m calm.

  35. Samicisco:

    Yoga studio/Meditation room

  36. AM:

    turn it into a playroom for my daughter!!

  37. Alex:

    I would turn it into an imaginarium.

  38. Joleen:

    I would make it my Dream-room. Plantes everywhere, a bar, much tea, posters of my dreams (Australia, surfing etc.), there would be a little garden with a Buddha in it and the best: A big bookcase!

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