Question 46

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  1. Meee:

    This site, haha.

  2. shelby 16:

    I find inspiration in the small things. In a smile, in the stories of peoples lives, in the joy that i feel when i see someone with friends and happy. I find inspiration through the world and peoples willingness to forgive and be happy and accept others.

  3. Mark:

    My personal history and the influences that are around me.

  4. Cherry:

    Within myself, from my experiences, and the way I interact with the world around me.

  5. Fran:

    my dad, some of my friends and teachers, everyone who doesn’t give up, anyone who goes through crap everyday and can still smile and say hi…

  6. Can’t agree more with Cherry above~
    Inspiration lies right in us.
    it’s just a matter of what triggers it and how it works 😉

  7. Sarah:

    In my children and in watching people who aren’t afraid to be themselves no matter who tries to judge them and tell them who they should be.

  8. h.l:

    In the nature.

  9. Bethany:

    Although it might seem messed up I find inspiration in poor despaired areas of my city. when I drive through these areas, I realize how badly I want to succeed in life and to give my future family a good home free from danger and with opportunities of education and prosperity.

  10. Grace:

    Almost everywhere. Sometimes they just come out of no where and then i just feel like doing something c:

  11. Krishna:

    From Mother and 5 elements of nature

  12. As a photographer I find inspiration everywhere I go, whether it be the city or my own backyard!

  13. nicholas:

    in the positivity of the world around me

  14. A Wise Fool:

    My Contemporary Spanish literature class.

  15. Rick:

    As a photographer I find inspiration everywhere I go, whether it be the city or my own backyard!

  16. Dave:

    My Contemporary Spanish literature class.

  17. zauhra:

    I find inspiration when I find beauty or happiness or love from where it seems to be the least.

  18. Akriti:

    Weirdly, I find inspiration from confident people. :/
    Could be anyone doing anything, but if they’re sure of it, I like it.

  19. Every morning looking at the man I love sleeping next to me, he reminds me that were all human and living day to day, waging through whatever is hurled at us together we’ll make it. He keeps me focused positivly when my mind wants to think negatively.

  20. Chelsea:

    I find inspiration in myself and when I read websites similar to this one. I find inspiration when I cry at night, for a reason that is so deep I’m not sure of it. A knowing that it’s okay to cry.. and inspiration to make it better. Music is a huge source as well.

  21. Oceaveth:

    In the beauty and power of nature

  22. April:

    my religion

  23. Julz:

    when i feel strong emotion such as when i am really said or mad thats when i write the best and draw the most awesome drawings.

  24. Julz:


  25. kristen:
  26. Aimee:

    In nature, in other people, in everything around me for there is beauty in everything.

  27. Amanda:

    Music, books, other people

  28. Ris:

    Music inspires me thorugh everything.

  29. Megan:

    Anywhere from my own personal struggles to cars on a highway

  30. anon:

    anywhere, anyone. <3 thank you.

  31. shonson:

    simplicity, beauty

  32. Nick:

    My friends and the internet.

  33. Morgan:

    In others.

  34. Michael Hitchcock:

    Fucking everywhere.

    Lately, I’ve been producing a lot of good work simply by responding to stupidity.

  35. Rowena:

    Me. Others. ANYONE.

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