Question 834

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22 Responses to “Question 834”

  1. T. B. R.:

    People: smart little kids, quirky science teachers, & my best friend.
    Activities: working out, teaching, dancing. Dancing dancing dancing <3

  2. m:

    sleeping.. being outdoors.

  3. susan:

    I love being in the company of all my ‘runner’ friends. Runners are such a happy and positive group of people. I love surrounding myself with that energy.

  4. dada:

    hiking and people who hike

  5. Mazl:

    Positive realistic people who are passionate about – travel adventures – cyclists, walkers, people who love their dogs, compassionate people who really care and do something for the disadvantaged etc, people who overcome great adversity, eccentric funny folk, salt of the earth types who really connnect with their simple wisdom….. the list is endless….. musicians who compose and perform…surfers…wow….. …. … teachers who can really communicate and inspire … watching brilliant surgeons is also exciting and energizing…

  6. Positive people and activities that make you sweat!

  7. AdamOdes:

    Kids and Playing Music. Hey, I just found my new calling. Thanks “Thought Questions”!

  8. Laura:

    People with a genuine love for life and activities which force me to push my limits (and as someone else said, those which make me sweat). There’s nothing better than a strong physical challenge to relieve the stress off my shoulders. DON’T STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS!! I USE THEM WITH MY STUDENTS ALL THE TIME! They’re truly great.

  9. People with ethics, passion and a drive to succeed are what energize me.

  10. Madeline:

    anything or anyone that contains passion

  11. Angria:

    Hearing a great lecture in class or reading something that interests me.

  12. bhushan097:

    competition – people who are involved in any challenging activities/competition

  13. M:

    I like that this one was posted before the most recent…coincidence?

    What energizes me? …Reading an engaging book is what I’ve found recently to be uplifting for me.


  14. M:

    Oh-and this picture energizes me. His expression makes me smile 🙂

  15. Winterfriore:

    People that have something interesting to say without looking down on others. People that contribute to society who are fun. Selfless spirits with love and compassion in all that they do. Laughing, singing, hugging, sleeping and peaceful environments like laying in a park or on the beach.

  16. Isabel:

    My grandma, even though she passed away last year.

  17. karina:

    my boyfriend and friends

  18. W.A. Abah:

    Hungary for anything good? No kidding, no hunger no energy.

  19. Unbelievaburgers:

    Ripping apart Adenosine Triphosphate

  20. Me:

    Reading, music, dancing, writing and being surrounded with people who are positive

  21. Rayton:

    people: Mostly my friends, people I feel comfrotable with
    activities: mostly sports, music

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