Question 837

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22 Responses to “Question 837”

  1. aks:

    The more my desire to do something practically for this world has increased – b4 my time is up ! 🙂

  2. Angria:

    The more amazed I am that I am alive

  3. Susan:

    The older I get the more I wish I knew then what I know now and the more I worry about how few years I have left. I also mourn the loss of my youthful appearance. Actually, I still feel and act fairly young, I just don’t look young. Getting old sucks. I want to be young again!

  4. the more I learn to just pursue the happiness in front of you, sadness will come and go. Life’s better things are worth all the pain.

  5. m:

    i want to sleep.

  6. Mazl:

    the more my quirkiness is exaggerated

  7. karina:

    the more scared i get

  8. winston:

    the more sure I am that we as a people aren’t improving.

  9. ivyh:

    the wiser I become.

  10. dada:

    … happier I get ! I enjoy life more and more, stop worring about silly staff ..

  11. Debi:

    the more time flies!

  12. Tash:

    .., the more I realize and embrace who I truly am.

  13. wendy:

    The easier is to let go of lover friends and negativr things.

  14. Kelly:

    the more my feeling of uncertainty seems to be justified

  15. cooler I`ll be… true story

  16. Fraser:

    more I appreciate my youth, and regret how I wasted it.

  17. Me:

    more I learn as life unveils itself each day bit by bit

  18. Navyshebee:

    More I will not tolerate ignorance and cruelty.

  19. Rayton:

    more I discover how deep and complex things can get.

  20. AM:

    the wiser I become.

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