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  1. Brigitte:

    The worst pain I have ever overcome, I cannot overcome, except during momentary times of forgetting…like when I have a fun experience with a friend, read a good book, enjoy a vacation, find a pleasant distraction, etc. Every positive feeling is felt, yet always diminishes in time, quickly or shortly but always certainly, back to the pain and sadness…and that worst pain for me, which never truly goes away, is the loss of the greatest love of my life, my “twin soul”. I believe that the pain of separation (by death) from those whom we love most dearly is the worst pain which can never be completely overcome by any one of us.

  2. m:

    not being able to sleep.. heartbreak.

  3. masa:

    giving birth

  4. dada:

    thank god, its only heartbreak

  5. Jodie:

    The worst pain I have ever overcome was ACCEPTING the FACT that people were not going to act like the screenplay I written (in my head). It’s very hard for people to get the lines/roles correct when they didn’t apply/audition & I never gave them a copy of the script (that is STILL in my head,lol).

  6. Susan:

    The worst pain I have ever overcome is the pain I feel from a choice I made. The pain is still with me in every breath I take. Everyday and always.



  8. Losing my father when I was teenager.

  9. Nancy:

    Realizing that loving someone with all I had could not change their issues in life and I ended up losing them.

  10. Janice:

    The worst pain I have not yet overcome but am working on each and everyday of my life. The loss of my beautiful daughter. I live everyday with the heartache. I have learned to endure however it hasn’t ever been the same. I don’t think we can overcome such pain but we go on just as they would want us to and we remember them with love and acknowledge that every day.

  11. Tash:

    For me it was the physical pain of two fractures in my spine.

  12. Angria:

    The mental torture I fight against everyday of my life…some days I’m just too tired to keep fighting.

  13. Laurel:

    The greatest pain I’ve ever felt was losing my father at the tender age of 14. I have spent the last 8 years feeling incomplete, and I know that that emptiness will be with me for the rest of my life.

  14. Rob:

    The pain of learning this lesson; no matter how much I love someone it does not mean I can have a healthy, happy relationship with them

  15. Becky:

    The ungrieved loss of my brother

  16. Being hurt by someone I love, but the soloutions we come up with aren’t always the best.

  17. Theodore Smith:

    Losing my wife to Cancer………….

  18. R.T.:

    Wanting to be loved for who I am.

  19. Kelly:

    the process of coming to terms with my lack of agency

  20. kelly:

    The worst pain i had to overcome and am still overcoming is watching my son waste away being a meth addict! It is the worst pain I have ever had!

  21. brian:

    knowing that he will never feel the same about me as I do about him, but still not being able to stop wanting him to, all the while trying to figure out why it matters that we’re both guys.

  22. rainbat:

    the worst pain i have ever overcome would have to be the month i lived through believing he didnt love me.
    i understand now and im living as happily as ever with him. i love him and he is my best friend. and i know that time was an experience that helped me grow in life but i also know that everytime i think about it, my breath catches and i will never be fully healed.
    im just thankful to my sister for keeping me sane and alive that month and im thankful to my lover for telling me the truth and for not making me live through the pain of his lie any longer
    *i love you bitbit, thank you for being there through the hard times*
    *i love you rainbow closet lover, thank you for helping me understand and for returnig my love*

  23. karina:

    the death of my grandmother and the emotional pain of depression

  24. aslinng:

    Letting my own insecurities prevent me from helping the person who supported me during the worst period of my life. I didn’t want to seem stupid, so I said nothing when they were reaching out for help. They committed suicide before I found the courage to write the email I kept meaning to send. And I still find myself paralyzed by fear at even the most insignificant of correspondences.

  25. Depression. Finally

  26. Catriona:

    heartache. discovering the one i loved no longer loved me on the same weekend my grandfather died. in that weekend i lost everything, but thanks to my friends i am beginning to deal with this pain.

  27. zavia:

    Agree with Rob “The pain of learning this lesson; no matter how much I love someone it does not mean I can have a healthy, happy relationship with them

  28. Stephanie:

    Losing a friend. I’m not completely over it yet, but mostly I am. The friendship was real, and will never be forgotten. It is however over, and will remain in the past. I look to the future.

  29. southerngirl:

    finding out my husband had a long term affair with a woman he worked with…I thought I would die

  30. Alicia:


  31. Me:

    Being cheated, doubted upon and left all alone to fend for myself.

  32. MRM:

    I was raped when I was 5 years old. I still feel used and useless

  33. Rayton:

    The pain that was triggered after my decision to totally give up on myself, and just hide away.

  34. Samicisco:

    Emotionally-Living through a bitter 6 year divorce and custody battle.
    Physically-Having meningitis (way worse than childbirth x 3)

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