Question 844

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25 Responses to “Question 844”

  1. george:

    the feeling of lying in bed at the and of the day, knowing I made that day the best it possibly could be

  2. Susan:


  3. Mazl:

    being outdoors in crisp fresh air enjoying a great view ………..

  4. performing music in front of an audience- it’s exhilarating.

  5. Feeling free!!!!

  6. Becky:

    when I am onstage and forget who i am, where i am, and when it is.

  7. shug:

    surprise or anticipation

  8. martin:

    the waves that hit your legs when you’re walking on the edge of the water with your jeans rolled up, toes buried in the sand.

  9. simran:


  10. Leila:

    that feeling when you’re so happy and grateful tht you can’t smile, you can only cry

  11. karina:

    that feeling when the smallest things in life make you smile

  12. love <3

  13. Nyck:

    To love self.

  14. Zoe:

    Joy and awe

  15. Hotchkiss:

    Waiting one last second for the bell to mark the end of the exam weeks.

  16. Stephanie:

    That the world is good.

  17. southerngirl:

    seeing my crush after not seeing them for a long time it gives me butterflies

  18. Fraser:

    Drinking water

  19. Me:

    Being loved.

  20. Navyshebee:

    Accomplishment of a hard task.

  21. Julia:

    That feeling of going to a new place for the first time

  22. Natalie:

    Being in Love!

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