Question 845

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22 Responses to “Question 845”

  1. steve:

    that we are often judged by only a single aspect of our personality, and written off as one stereotype or another long before our true selves are fully known.

  2. Mazl:

    …cancer… It’s so insidious…so unexpected…so…surprising..

  3. Bonsi:

    .. to be ignored by a person which you considered to be one of your best friends..

  4. Susan:

    Bad things happening to good people.

  5. Becky:


  6. To be forgotten by someone you once loved

  7. Angria:

    Mental disorders. I survive hell only to relive it every day.

  8. women

  9. karina:

    that there are hundredth of children and homeless people that are starving for food and wishing they had a comfortable bed to sleep on, its just not fair that there are other people less fortunate than you and i.

  10. James:

    Children being born with genetic disorders

  11. Nyck:


  12. Not heeding to advices!

  13. sc76:

    ppl being judged by their external appearance/skin color

  14. Lina:

    That the depression caught ME…

  15. Zoe:

    Everything happens for a reason
    So even if something might not seem fair now their is a reason for it

  16. southerngirl:

    not being able to get a second chance

  17. Fraser:

    Expecting things to be fair.

  18. Me:

    The way you are judged on something which does not even represent .00001% of you

  19. ed:


  20. Natalie:

    when people don’t bother to see your efforts.

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