Question 849

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22 Responses to “Question 849”

  1. karina:

    negative thoughts and thinking that i’m not good enough

  2. Drew:

    Lack of motivation and laziness. I’m traveling across the country for three months starting Saturday, why is it so fucking hard to actually get things done in time? Sorry, today was not good.

  3. m:

    i sleep to much.. i’m lazy

  4. rebeka:

    fear and negative thinking

  5. susan:

    Lack of TIME

  6. Mazl:

    …easily distracted…..,,,, ! . .? ..- : – D. ; – }

  7. Not letting go of people who overlook my worth.

  8. Alex:

    Fear is the only thing standing between myself and my goals

  9. Over booking myself. I need to give myself some down time, and say no to people.

  10. Lucho:

    I suppose that as far as habits go, over-thinking things tends to be a hold up when time comes to get things done. I find myself thinking about so many possibilities, and realizing later that nothing has been actually DONE.

  11. Sara:

    Kakuriputan (in english – being miserly). Thought of a gumpism “Misers are likely miserable”

  12. being too hard on myself

  13. sc76:


  14. southerngirl:

    negative self-talk

  15. Me:


  16. yoshi:

    pride, stubbornness and lack of patience

  17. annya:

    procrastination, lack of motivation, daydreaming

  18. I went to a camp this summer where I was only allowed to speak Chinese. When you speak another language, you find a new personality inside of you. Now, I’m home and I found out that like my Chinese personality better than my English personality. The only thing getting in the way of the personality I want, is English.

  19. Dee:

    lack of motivation

  20. Natalie:


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