Question 850

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  1. it’s getting harder for me to appreciate the experiences of life.

  2. Drew:

    Just how self centered some people are. Honestly, it’s just amazing how little some people care about somebody other than themselves.

  3. AdamOdes:

    How hurtful I can be to the one’s I love most despite the best intentions.

  4. m:

    that i can’t sleep all day.

  5. Nyck ^^:

    1- My memory is working better recently.
    2- The people that most tend to be admired, are the worse ones.
    3- Beeing a good person is like beeing a white flower on the desert.
    4- Myself, I have so few things in my life and am extrememaly happy, and some people don’t think it’s good.

  6. Niv:

    that some people who were so close to me just a few months ago now act like they don’t know me at all

  7. That some people are so incredibly selfish.

  8. Mazl:

    …. the resilience of the human spirit….

  9. Zoe:

    That I cried through the whole day of my 16 birthday .
    I don’t know why I felt so bad maybe cause of my father ….

  10. Shania:

    That I am a replica of the people I detest…

  11. sc76:

    Myself…the way i behave..sometimes

  12. Kay:

    I suprised myself recently – I was so sure I would fail this semester of university (again) but was pleasantly surprised to find I had received Credits (better than a Pass, not quite a Distinction) for 100% of my subjects. The resulting relief and the confidence I have discovered within myself are positively overwhelming. And now… ONWARD!

  13. Me:

    There are people around me who are much more qualified than me in terms of degrees but are dumb when it comes to ground realities of life.

  14. LeLee:

    A week ago I found out my moms mom was told she was cancer free. Two days after that I found out my dads dad has been diagnosed with cancer and 2 days after that I found out the woman who was just told she was cancer free was told her mother now has cancer and has another 6 months to live. So it has been a surprising last couple of weeks.

  15. Eljai:

    My hurt and anger over my relationship with my room mate

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