Question 854

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  1. Mazl:

    to be a positive person – and predictably cheery (he was such a person – in spite of every reason not to)

  2. Susan:

    My Daddy was one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known and was respected for always doing a great job. So

  3. Susan:

    … his lesson to me was to always work hard and do the best you can.

  4. to cherish every moment in life … and don’t stop laughing!

  5. Cricket:

    To take pride in the work you do no matter what it is. From scrubbing a toliet to working at a law firm your work ethic is key to your character as a whole.

  6. Erin:

    There is nothing so valuable as to give necessitate giving up your integrity to get it;
    so if you really want or need something, earning it brings double the rewards of getting it.

    The best thing to earn in life is respect.

    The best thing you can give freely is your word.

  7. karina:

    he was so dedicated and caring on everything he did and he taught me to be like that 🙂

  8. Busse:

    fuck up and you will have to pay for your faults.
    or at least until your faults graduate.

  9. rob:

    How to push away those who love you.

  10. Don’t get too attached to any expectations or you will end up getting disappointed.

  11. Zoe:

    Don’t worry and strese about things and people that are out of your control
    The only thing you can control is your mind

  12. southerngirl:

    to love and be patient…both are worth it

  13. ignorance is bliss

  14. Leila:

    to accept people. everyone. to love them without reservation.

  15. Lewis:

    When you are young, you keep getting opportunities. If you do not take them, they will stop coming around and you will remember not taking them.

  16. rita:

    work hard, anticipate what needs doing & do it. don’t wait until you’re asked.

  17. Marina:

    My dad always said “Don’t sweat the small stuff”

  18. BLZbozo:

    Remember where you park the TARDIS.

  19. Me:

    Forgive, forget and move on. He has forgiven me for one of my biggest mistakes and held my hand when no one else in this world including my mom was willing to back me .

  20. (From my grandfather) To always do the best you can. “Good enough is not good enough”.

  21. that a man never breaks his promise and that when you grow up without a father, at least in my father’s case, you become an amazing father to your OWN son, despite hardship and trials and tribulations

  22. My father opened my eyes to traveling when I was a teenager, if it wasn’t for his love of traveling, and showing me different parts of the world, I don’t think I would have had the wonderful experiences I have had, and took the chances I took!!!! )

  23. ed:

    Not to raise my voice to him ever.

  24. Georgey:

    Love many, trust few

  25. Navyshebee:

    That nothing is handed to you that you have to work hard if you want something. Thank you dad for this lesson,it made me stubborn but i have worked hard for all i own and i take nothing for granted.

  26. Evolving:

    My Dad unlike many of yours was not the ‘Daddy’ I would have liked…
    He was a gambler who was abusive to my mother and to us kids.

    The best lesson he tought me was – how Not to live my life.
    Instead … Live with love, self worth, self reliance and a hubby who cherishes me & is a Great Dad.

    My mom has done sooo well. I am so proud of her. On her fridge she has a quote:
    ‘The best revenge is living well’.

  27. Ria:

    Money and managing it well is important, but people and relationships with them are ALWAYS more important.

  28. Khalsa:

    If he/she can do you it, you can do it.

  29. Timothy:

    Dont take shit from anyone!

  30. Jason:

    “I’d rather be judge by twelve, than carried by six.” Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Laurie “Pebbles” Hebblethwaite C.D.

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