Question 855

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20 Responses to “Question 855”

  1. Susan:

    The process of speaking to a financial professional regarding best steps forward in preparation for retirement and creation of a will.

  2. Shadow:

    A bad habit..

  3. rob:

    Another marriage.

  4. Angria:


  5. karina:

    right now i am more afraid of beginning college

  6. mohsin:


  7. oraive:

    grinding infront of many pipo

  8. southerngirl:

    another marriage or even just a relationship…& the next phase of my life as divorced

  9. something that doesn’t give you a second chance

  10. Dana:

    My life after High School

  11. Monroe:

    Detaching from my toxic and unhealthy relationships and friendships, when it’s all I’ve known…

  12. Carlie:

    My Future.

  13. Me:

    My dream of getting published. I am scared of contacting publishers due to the fear of being rejected.

  14. divorced (again)

  15. Navyshebee:

    My life with disabilities, I am not the same person. Will my friends still accept me or pity me. I have found out that alot of people I thought were friends scattered and now life is tough and lonely alone with no support that I thought I had.It is sad,but i will perservere and find those who accept me as I am.

  16. Ria:

    my new job :X

  17. BR:

    new relationship.

  18. Dee:

    an intimate relationship

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