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  1. niv:

    being late.

  2. Inge:

    The hurt of losing the love of your life. It makes it easier to cope with, though.

  3. m:

    sleep.. broken love.

  4. M:


  5. Mazl:

    … bad weather …..

  6. Susans:

    Mental and physical disabilities

  7. rob:

    A freind told me that time has not healed the pain of losing his son. There are some things we never get over, we simply deal with the parts that we can and learn to live with the rest

  8. Pam:

    Agree with rob – I too lost my son a little over a year ago and all I know is to keep moving forward the best I can. I am observing however that, though not lessened, the pain manifests itself differently with the passage of time.

  9. Claire:

    Regrets that can’t be undone especially if they have to do with a loved one who has passed away. So it’s best to tell those you love that you do and to spend time with them while you can to avoid later regrets.

  10. Rob:

    Pam, you have my best wishes.

  11. southerngirl:

    the loss of trust in a marriage

  12. PhoenixPJS:

    While I have no child to lose (I can’t have kids due to a medical issue), it seems that dealing with some parts and living with rest is a form of healing. I know it works that way for marital betrayal and rape from personal experience.

    What can’t be healed…a person’s inability to forgive (including themselves) and grow.

  13. pregnancy

  14. Kathryn:

    Growing up in an abusive home. I cringe when I see men. I don’t trust anyone. I cry when I shower. I will never be the same. Time will never heal that. It doesn’t have to be physical to hurt.

  15. Ashley:


  16. Jaqueline:

    I agree with Kathryn. I was abused by multiple men while growing up, time teaches you new ways to deal with it but it’s been years and years and the pain has not gone away. My husband has to deal with it all the time, and I feel bad that it affects my marriage.

  17. Jasmine:

    I’m with Kathryn. My relationship with my father will never be healthy or normal.

  18. Me:

    Some wounds given to us by our loved ones… and here I also second to Kathryn. Somethings are just unforgivable and unforgettable. The wounds are so deep that I doubt if anything could ever heal them

  19. first love.

  20. ed:

    Losing my mother as a child. She has been gone 36 years and I still see it in my dreams.

  21. Navyshebee:

    The effects of war or a persons pysical and pyschological wellbeing, you learn to cope and push on but it does not go away.

  22. yoshi:

    loss of a loved one

  23. Nicole:

    The emotional and mental scars of being raped, especially if it’s the way you lost your virginity.

  24. The guilt of wasting your life away due to unsaid words and things you wish you could do but havnt

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