Question 861

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24 Responses to “Question 861”

  1. Danielle:

    The absence of drive. My lack of freedom. I’m lost in the world.

  2. sunup:

    Love and job

  3. m:

    why i sleep all the time.. who i really am.

  4. Mazl:

    knowing the best thing to do for a 100 year old mother in law and a 93 year old mother – respecting their wishes to maintain their independence but having the right care in place for their remaining years

  5. annie:

    I want to see myself free from any debts I’ve got into…

  6. AdamOdes:

    An overwhelming sense of futility.

  7. prioritizing obligations I’ve made to myself and others

  8. Donna:

    How to find a job that will move me overseas…I want to work in another country, for a while…

  9. Maslow:

    Purpose; a job/career, and someone I can truly love

  10. Scott:

    Learning to appreciate all the good things in my life rather than worrying about the past or the future, or the things in the present that are either undesirable or might turn bad.

  11. Trying to stop caring about people who really don’t care about me


  13. Schizo:

    How to travel the world incessently (or at least until I get tired or see all the places I want to see).

  14. Shawn19:

    My constantly arguing and fighting kids. And the lack of patience I have with them right now…

  15. Navyshebee:

    MY medical issues from serving our country and the lack of care that female vets get from the government (Veterans affairs). It is horribls there is no eqaulity in care for women and men, the system is set up to care for male soldiers not women.

  16. Deborah:

    My husband died 11 months ago, how do I get over this. How can I face each day being so sad and longing for what will never be.

  17. Tom:

    My drug addiction.

  18. Ria:

    sick but no health insurance ><

  19. Jade:

    Somehow stop my hair from falling out.

  20. Elle:

    Being able to trust men since they continually deceive and manipulate.

  21. kelly:

    struggling with trust issues in a relationship that is important to me. I find that although I can forgive, my trust in him has been destroyed.

    My partner in a relationship of 10 months lied to me about not being gay. he maintains he isn’t, but it’s obvious that he is.

  22. Haley:

    My depression, and whatever is happening with me and the one I love

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