Question 863

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  1. life turns out for the better. the child would have never expected herself to turn out this way.

  2. Angria:

    I am finally strong enough to defend my opinions and beliefs, regardless of controversy or opposition. I am no longer afraid to be me.

  3. karina:

    would feel disappointed

  4. sunup:


  5. Blink:

    Shocked at what has happened over the years. But proud of how I’ve gotten through it all.

  6. m:

    that i didn’t sleep enough.. that the world isn’t the happy place that i once thought it was.

  7. Susan:

    The child that I was would feel proud that despite the odds and lack of positive role models in my life, I was able to learn how to make it and survive. With very little guidance growing up, my life lessons were learned through experience, through making mistakes and through observation of others. I am still learning every day and along the way some of my mistakes have been major and I continue – in one way or another – to pay for those mistakes. But in the end, I’m still here, living, learning and growing.

  8. Mazl:


  9. dada:

    I become a women I wanted to be almoust in every aspect of life !

  10. rob:

    THe child I once was would be proud of most of the way I live. There are a few past actions that young me wouldn’t like but on the whole I think I’d be pleased

  11. zavia:

    happy / unhappy

  12. zavia:

    agree with m: that the world isn’t the happy place that i once thought it was.

  13. aleshia:

    The child I once was would, I think be upset with some part of who I have become. My motto when I was younger was “if you don’t like me, don’t look at me”. I was my own person, and I did what I liked when I wanted. I didn’t need anyone’s approval on myself. Now I have severe self esteem issues and am on the brink of having an eating disorder. I wish I could go back to being young.

  14. Nick:

    so incredibly excited because although im only 19, im exactly where i need to be

  15. Rarity:

    She would wonder how such a transformation is even possible and where could she possibly gone wrong? But she just wouldn’t understand..

  16. samba:

    Get your shit together.

  17. ed:

    Shocked that I survived, but excited that they did not completely break my spirit. Proud of the fact I am still as outspoken as I was as a child, even though being that way got me hurt a lot as a young child, and being that way helped me survive into becoming an adult.

  18. I think that child would be happy that they grew up to be someone who always told people how much they care for them. You never know when your life may end, so tell people today how you feel about them!

  19. Sherri:

    Flabbergasted that NOTHING turned out like the child wanted or expected.

  20. notfornothing:

    i think little me would be so excited at where i am now, but shocked at how many of my friends had to fall to the sidelines. also, i think little me would be psyched to know that the cool kids lose in the end

  21. real rraymonds:

    baby real would see me as a betrayer. Old me is not living that fantasy world i thought i would enjoy

  22. Ron:

    When can we have some fun and play

  23. Rachael:

    Little me would think I was brave for staying alive when so many things had reason to bring me down.

  24. J.M.:

    He would be disgusted

  25. Jade:

    She would be proud of the open-minded person I have remained and magnified.

  26. KM:

    Disappointed that I’m accomplishing everything I’ve ever wanted to accomplish- but lost the kindness/warmness of my heart in the process.

  27. Dee:

    proud I was able to provide a good life for myself, but disappointed that there is no one to share it with.

  28. sey:

    made mistakes some of which still haunts me and i think young me will understand that i am not so much of a social monster but that this is what time, circumstance and the hard choices i had to make without any guide had forge me into

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