Question 864

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  1. ed:

    The abuse

  2. Susan:

    I find it strange that I don’t have many memories of my childhood. But I do remember how much I disliked it when I would get up in the morning and my Mother, whom was already up and sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee, would never acknowledge the fact that I had risen for the day and simply say ‘good morning’. I now have a constant need to be acknowledged.

  3. Mazl: hairstyle, feeling poor and constantly being moved around and starting new schools…

  4. I’d talk to adults and they don’t take me seriously… But I really had something serious to say.

  5. rob:

    My Dad. One of the most negative human beings I’ve ever dealt with. It’s taken me years to recover from the damage and to learn not to be the same

  6. I disliked being alone.

  7. Debi:

    The verbal and physical abuse, the need to protect my sister, the mother that went away and came back different. The Dad who would not settle down an kept us moving around. The fear.

  8. Angria:

    Oh I don’t know….maybe the fact that I was suicidal by age 10 because of the abuse.

  9. Nick:

    being fat

  10. Sheila:

    The complete dependence on people who were unreliable.

  11. probably the diaper rash!

  12. Navyshebee:

    When my mom got married to my step father and moved us into a new home while I was with my grandparents. They threw out several mementos from my late great grandfather and I was bitter for a long time beacues I lost the items that brought good memeories of my time with him. I now know i still carry those good memories and do not need the items to remember him by , but at 11 you dont realize that.

  13. Sherri:


  14. karina:

    that everything was easy, no consequences and the people i grew up with.

  15. karina:

    that everything was easy, no consequences and
    the people i grew up with.

  16. real rraymonds:

    i never liked myself much

  17. Ron:

    Being prone to accidents

  18. Ria:

    We never went to Disneyland, though it seemed all my other little friends did.

  19. jam:

    Nothing. To appreciate what we have we must experience down falls and we must rise above these as people. Whether it’s as a collective or on our own we must find strength. The constant bickering between my siblings I do not regret. There are things I would like to change but I love who we have become even in our downfalls and I am glad that my family can be here to appreciate one another and be the support we need even if it has not been there in the past.

  20. Samicisco:

    The ongoing neglect…..the feeling that I did not belong with my family and that no one really loved me.

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