Question 865

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22 Responses to “Question 865”

  1. Susan:


  2. When people act two-faced.

  3. when I feel something is not as it should be

  4. Sheila:

    Squalling kids in public places and the parents aren’t doing anything about it!

  5. Angria:

    People in general.

  6. Rarity:

    The way I can hear my dad talking from my room.
    People who never shut up.
    Listening to people eat.
    When people get upset.
    People who are always grumpy.
    Annoying tones of voices.

  7. m:

    when people wake me up from my slumber.

  8. Navyshebee:

    People who lie to my face, and those who take things that dont belong to them. I would give the shirt off my back to help someone or help them as much as I could but dont steal from me.

  9. Sherri:

    always hearing we should treat others like we want to be treated yet…
    the same person is being an inconsiderate jerk to everyone.

  10. Sherri:

    loud people

  11. The sanctity of the left hand lane, it’s for passing. Only use it if you are going faster than the people to the right of you.

  12. karina:

    mean people who don’t care about anything except themselves

  13. Alicia:

    most of the human population.

  14. real rraymonds:

    every thing that forces itself onto my concience i hate it

  15. Ron:

    When my nagging thought sets in and tells me that I should take a chance and ask Holly out already

  16. Ria:

    When it stops raining but my mom doesn’t notice and keeps the windshield wipers on><

  17. Jarvis:

    When people speak English poorly.

  18. Debi:


  19. Anonymous:


  20. ali:

    two-faced people and word “can’t” when used by my loved ones.

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