Question 867

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37 Responses to “Question 867”

  1. annie:

    Everything passes, and this will pass too…

  2. If its gone, its gone. Don’t case broken ties, it will only break you…

  3. Susan:

    Forgive and move forward.

  4. Never stop being yourself!

  5. AdamOdes:

    Treat yourself as you would your best friend. Be kind, forgive, encourage, laugh, DREAM.

  6. It doesn’t matter, so there’s no point in caring about that.

  7. Mazl:

    Life responds to my attitudes

  8. Cari:

    LET IT GO!

    In every job meeting
    Keep Quiet Stupid
    Do Not Speak Unless Directly Addresed

    when I do not listen to myself ,I always endp the meeting with extra job

  10. Nina:


  11. Doriah:

    Love yourself more than anyone else ever could

  12. Rob:

    Leave her before any more damage to yourself takes place. Since then it’s been a steady process of getting to know myself so I never allow it to get to that point again

  13. Sherri:

    it’s okay…
    take a nap, you’ll feel better when you wake up!!!

  14. Maggie:

    If in any doubt, don’t do it.

  15. Deborah:

    You must accept yourself, like yourself, before you can expect others to do the same!

  16. Angria:

    You always have a choice.

  17. m:

    sleep more.. don’t give people your trust, make the earn it.

  18. karina:

    its okay to make mistakes and be confuse
    we are all humans and we find ourselves
    lost at some point.

  19. Blink:

    The world never stops turning, so just keep pushing and you’ll get there

  20. Chris:

    Read comics.

  21. Nick:

    never talk to her again.

  22. Ron:

    Give it all you can, success or fail; that way you will never regret your actions

  23. Lily:

    Let it go. By yourself. Don’t worry so much about how others perceive you.

  24. jhierren:

    Life must go on until you can.

  25. schoolgirl:

    be yourself, it doesn’t matter what anyone says… unless it’s a teacher!

  26. lily:

    No pressure, No stress

  27. Jacqueline:

    Keep calm and carry on.

  28. JohnL:

    Walk away.

  29. sam:

    if you are pausing to think about the thought, you should probably consider it carefully

  30. Ria:

    I ask myself, “a month from now, will I have forgotten this?” if yes, then move on!

  31. Anonymous:

    Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

  32. ali:

    you DON’T NEED to get them to like you!
    don’t make novels out of passing glances.

  33. Artifex Images:

    Not to steal photo’s from my brothers Flickr account???

  34. To ask someone if you can use a picture they took before posting on a website – they may have just edited it for you without the name in the background happily!

  35. Julia:

    This too shall pass…always works 🙂

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