Question 868

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24 Responses to “Question 868”

  1. karina:

    i always believe that happiness will arrive to me at some point
    i refuse to give up on that.

  2. Leila:

    Love. Hands down. The most powerful force in the universe.

  3. majed neaimi:

    I will never stop belive in Allah. I love Allah beacuse he created me from nothing and he gave me every thing. when I belive on Him then I’ll belive in evey thing good from my heart.

  4. rob:

    My own self worth

  5. the pursuit of happiness is the meaning of life.

  6. Nick:


  7. ReverendRay:

    The inherent goodness of people.

  8. Rainey:

    Faith in peace of mankind.

  9. Stephanie:

    That life is okay and people are pretty cool overall.

  10. That most people are generally good.

  11. real rraymonds:

    i will never stop believing in Jesus christ

  12. Ron:

    That I can make a difference in somebody’s life

  13. yoshi:

    true pure genuine love

  14. jhierren:

    I would never stop trusting in God above who is the source of my strength

  15. Fiona:

    That nothing is really as it seems. That no one is all good or bad. That we never know everything about anything. That sort of thing.

  16. zavia:

    I will never stop belive in Allah.

  17. Jacqueline:

    The strength of family.

  18. JohnL:

    That everyone has an inherited right to love and be loved.

  19. Nancy:

    I will never stop believing in God. He is my strength. His only Son died on the cross for my sins and gave me eternal life through repentance.

  20. Evolving:

    That God is there… And is always listening and waiting for us to reach out to him… And that there is Nothing we can do – truly Nothing – to stop him from Loving us.
    The reality of that often has me sitting in Awe of him. He’s pretty cool. We chat often.

  21. Ria:

    That all things happen for a reason, all things work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, that means the story hasn’t ended yet.

  22. annya:

    That something good eventually evolves from any bad situation.

    That it is impossible to maintain the same level of like or dislike towards anything or anyone throughout one’s life.

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