Question 869

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23 Responses to “Question 869”

  1. sunup:

    I would get my love!

  2. Find true happiness to last a life time.

  3. m:

    I would sleep in every bed I could.

  4. notfornothing:

    be a pro snowboarder

  5. rob:

    I’d buy as new motorcycle and tour the planet

  6. … love.

  7. real rraymonds:

    trustfully i would beat napoleon of france
    i would have the world using my ideas

  8. Ron:

    To understand conciousness

  9. Nina:

    World peace. Then for myself: a happy family, using my gifts and talents to the fullest.

  10. Victor N.:

    World peace, curing all diseases and solving world hunger!

  11. Lily:

    Love with my whole heart.

  12. Mazl:

    I would set up some extremely creative programmes for empowering poor women in third world countries and they could borrow money for businesses and have a greater say in their communities plus they must have the same rights to education as males. It would be law, in all countries of the world.
    I would set up a world foundation that protected animals from forms of cruelty that are accepted these days. Tradition is no excuse for cruelty.
    I would have the best people run these programmes etc young or old, but they had to show results in a reasonable time.

  13. venkatesh:

    I dont do anything…….sit idle….and think is there any loop hole in that to got a fail….

  14. karina:

    be a famous artist/ painter

  15. Silverfox:

    To find a pure love…

  16. Jacqueline:

    Make sure that every child felt safe and loved.

  17. JohnL:

    Find true happiness and love and never let it go.

  18. Evolving:

    I would protect all children from abuse…. Them for myself I would start a chain of Fitness / Life improvement centers . Where people – women in particular could come to Get fit, improve & empower their lives. I would hire great personal trainers and awesome life skill trainers. I would run the business & teach the occasional fitness class… 🙂
    It would Rock !!… Women would improve their fitness, heal & find their true selves & take control of their lives.

  19. annya:

    I would start my life all over again.

  20. Dee:

    establish a learning center to teach woman skills necessary to sustain themselves and not fear independence.

  21. Timothy:

    To be free from fear of the unknown!

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