Question 870

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18 Responses to “Question 870”

  1. Stephanie:

    Distance. I’m pretty good at recognizing negativity. Once someone has countered my attempts at seeing the good side of things multiple times, I start keeping them at a distance.

  2. I will make them regret being negative in my presence.

  3. jhierren:

    Silence. It’s the best defense I’ve ever had. Sometimes silence is the best thing to do to avoid making the problem bigger specially when I know that he/she will never listen to any words I would say.

  4. schoolgirl:

    Use my great debating skills and have a debate with them – if a teacher comes just say u r practicing your debating/persuasive-ness (is that a word? it should be, wait no its persuasion isn’t it?)

  5. Agnessa:

    Ask myself if it’s relevant for my life at this moment. If not, (silently) empathise with them and then ignore.

  6. rob:

    I’ll either call them on it or walk away.

  7. Cari:

    Remembering that I am the only one in control of my own happiness. Negativity belongs to the person who puts it out there, and no one has to take it from them. Don’t take it personally, in other words.

  8. karina:

    just ignored their negativity

  9. cricket:

    Humor, and sarcasm.

  10. Jacqueline:

    Not allowing their negativity to affect my positivity.

  11. joanne:

    Compassion for the fear that underlies it all.

  12. JohnL:

    Sometimes it’s hard to keep others’ negativity from creeping in. I tried the compassion route, but many times they don’t want it because they don’t feel they are negative. I just simply shrug my shoulders and let the negativity slide right on by.

  13. Ria:

    We all interpret reality differently. Realizing I can choose to look at a situation from a point of view that either embraces the positives or the negatives, and refusing to join in when people b**** and complain, helps.

  14. Lauli:

    ~ I try to REMIND people that I care and I will LISTEN if there is something that they might need to get off of their chest…..

    Negativity is an expression of NEED…..which lacks the necessary tools of coping. People can feel so alone in this world. Taking the time to extend friendship to someone in need can make all the difference sometimes.

    It’s terribly sad how many of the other responses were to IGNORE the other person. I see that as very shallow…..just saying.

  15. Jade:


  16. Geo:


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