Question 871

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30 Responses to “Question 871”

  1. I desire fulfillment from life.

  2. Doug:

    To love and to be loved

  3. m:

    sleep.. love.

  4. schoolgirl:

    love and good grades

  5. Susan:

    Love, acceptance and serenity

  6. Agnessa:

    peace of mind

  7. Alicia:

    peace of mind.

  8. Mazl:

    my sight

  9. love and happiness, ya’ll!

  10. rob:


  11. zavia:

    love with wisdom

  12. Love and knowledge

  13. A significant number of things.

    What I do in life is to be happy and useful.

  14. Danielle:

    Love and happiness

  15. karina:

    happiness and bliss

  16. Blink:

    I find it interesting that a lot of the replies involve love. Love from another? I truly believe if you love yourself, everything will follow and that is the first port of call.

    What I desire the most is the time and ability to do the things I enjoy.

  17. Jacqueline:


  18. JohnL:


  19. Ria:

    Time, health.

  20. MRM:

    that someone would love me for who I am

  21. Lindsey:

    Loving myself, loving another so much it hurts, piece of mind, alot of the above.

  22. Malang Mohit Kapoor:

    I want my family, friends, and i dont know.

  23. Contentment.

  24. Nancy:


  25. Dii:

    To love and be loved. Time

  26. JM:


  27. Julia:


  28. Mint:

    Practically anything. I care not for the paper, but the goods it brings me.

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