Question 872

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14 Responses to “Question 872”

  1. dev:

    The desire to be happy.

  2. Heffy:

    The need to love, and be loved.

  3. Mazl:

    a need to be acknowledged

  4. Rob:

    We all have many things in common at our core. We all want to be accepted, to be cared for and to feel valuable, both to ourselves and to others.

  5. niv:

    being human.

  6. JohnL:


  7. The desire to be loved completely and fully.

  8. the need for sustenance

  9. Ria:

    Hopes and dreams for a better life.

  10. Geo:

    Wearing glasses, or contacts.

  11. Julia:


  12. Timothy:

    To be recogonised!

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