Question 874

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14 Responses to “Question 874”

  1. Mazl:


  2. niv:

    hell is other people. haha

  3. Rob:

    My own foolish decisions

  4. others’ and my own stupidity

  5. Debi:

    Disrespect, and I’m sick and tired of it!

  6. Ameha:

    I don’t know why? But i don’t wanna tolerate anymore, i guess

  7. Kali:

    governing systems and the overruling of human life on earth. . . there is not only one way to exist yet we are forced to live as if this is so. when do we get to use our true intelligence and live by truth? when can we call a spade a spade without it being thrown back in our face. responsibility and awareness should be within our consciousness not in within a governing system. the freedom we are sold is equivalent to the lose weight fast dieting schemes, its BS. (we are not free, we are slaves told to live and function in a system that does not include other possibilities of living on earth. after all, we were given paradise, and somehow it has been determined that we must work for it. dumb idea if you ask me. shouldn’t living peacefully and getting along be our focus, rather than monetary gain?)

  8. Rachael:

    The words of people who judge me for something I cannot control.

  9. Myself.. giving in to temptations. Like surfing the internet rather than read school-related stuff.

  10. Annabelle:

    Rude people

  11. Dee:

    Stupid people

  12. Unbelievaburgers:

    Society’s fascist rules that require the wearing of pants in public.

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