Question 875

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  1. appreciation

  2. Mazl:

    the all round benefits of courtesy, manners and respect

  3. rob:

    The simple fact aht at our core we are all the same, with the same wants needs and desires

  4. Nina:

    Patience, an all-around generosity of heart towards one another. An appreciation for hard work; it seems everyone wants to take the easy route, the short-cut now rather than doing the hard work necessary to achieve their goals. Heck, most people don’t even seem to HAVE goals anymore. Sad.

  5. Kris:

    A lack of respect and a sense of community.

  6. Thep:

    We have lost the view that women cannot vote, or own land, or make their own choices.

    We have lost the view that all folks are created equal–unless you are black, or Italian, or Mexican–well, we may be working on that last one.

    We have lost the view that men and women can only maintain certain roles–today men can cook and women can drive trucks.

    We’ve lost sight of cigarettes being good for us–either first or second hand.

    We lost sight of our waistlines–America is number 1 in obesity.
    We’ve lost sight of education–America is 27th in the world–behind some 3rd world countries.

    We lost sight that our schools, movies, or malls can be safe places.

  7. Just about everything

  8. Nick:

    beauty. society’s view of what makes someone attractive is disgustingly twisted.

  9. Lazlo:

    family, respect, our humanity.

  10. LulĂș:


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