Question 876

Photo by: Tony Fischer

14 Responses to “Question 876”

  1. yes. otherwise, there’s no reason for me to exist.

  2. m:

    sleep is what i live for. does that answer your question?

  3. Mazl:

    yes and no …. ..

  4. niv:

    shit. that question really got me thinking. and I’m just starting out in life (finished college.)

  5. rob:

    The thing I live for may well one day cost me my life. I’m alright with that.

  6. Alicia:

    Yes. No question about it.

  7. Nick:


  8. Kay:

    Yeah, Niv, me too. But I think I’m on the right track, somehow…

  9. Dyde:

    As a depressive insomniac with suicidal tendencies I say yes, definitely yes.

  10. Rachael:


  11. karina:

    yes i believe so

  12. Kik:

    You Dumb ass

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