Question 877

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18 Responses to “Question 877”

  1. ignorance leads the masses

  2. I will always believe that I am capable of lying to myself.

  3. m:

    sleep.. God.

  4. Mazl:

    that there is more good intention in man than bad

  5. rob:

    Myself. I’ve been through so much, and come out of it for the better each time. I believe I can handle what comes my way

  6. people being generally good.

  7. true love.

  8. hayate-kun:

    good deed.

  9. John:

    I will always believe in the goodness of the universe.

  10. Greg:

    Sherlock Holmes

  11. Angria:

    The best way is honesty. With others and yourself.

  12. Rach:


  13. Rachael:

    The love of family and friends

  14. Jenny:

    the goodness of people

  15. karina:

    life i way to complicated

  16. Unbelievaburgers:

    Agent Scully’s scientific objectivity and hotness.

  17. Julia:

    a happy ending

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