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  1. Charlene:

    I have no streched myself far enough to do many of the things i want to. If there is a will there is a way, but i dont try hard enough to find the way.

  2. bobby:

    A combination of both.
    For the things that are really imprtant, they were definitely out of reach. For the other ones i think i haven’t pushed myself hard enough. But i think that’s a good strategy too, because too much constant pushing can unbalance our lifes.

  3. Devyn:

    All of my goals are possible but for some reason that I’m afraid to find out, I won’t stretch far enough for those goals

  4. Nic:

    To reach some things you’ve got to go farther than the extra mile, and it requires an iron will to achieve what you want… at the risk of failing, of course. You are free to decide.

  5. i definitely haven’t tried.

  6. April:

    I have to keep reaching. Sometimes to keep the most important people around you have to go through everything with them.

  7. Sophie:

    If you really want to, you can reach everything.

  8. jadef154:

    Nothing is out of reach if you try hard enough. It might not always come in the time you want it to, but in due time.

  9. Again:

    I am stretching myself so thin for things I don’t even want or love. I’m stopping that now. If I am gonna try hard, and strive for something, it’s going to be for something I love and to complete my goals and to make a difference.

  10. I have not stretched myself one inch…i guess it is because i don’t know how far i can stretch and i do not want my rubber band to pop if you know what i mean… but i am learning that i need to stretch myself more if i want to get anywhere in life

  11. Lexie:

    I’m too scared to stretch, but I know I need to, eventually.

  12. Aimee:

    I’ve stretched too far for things not worth stretching for.. What I really want I should be stretching in the other direction.. and even then it may be just out of reach.. for now at least.

  13. Lauren:

    I don’t know. My friends tell me that it’s out of reach, but I think that I just haven’t stretched far enough. Either way, it probably won’t change anytime soon, unfortunately.

  14. Amanda:

    It’s not out of reach. I just need the courage to take the next step.

  15. just me:

    I honestly have no idea. Is it possible that some things you can’t have, no matter how hard you try, how long you work at them and how much you need them?

  16. Rebekah:

    I haven’t stretched myself far enough. I always seem to fall short of reaching what I truly want to.

  17. Bridget:

    I have tried, I reach and reach. But still it remains just out of my grasp. It makes me think that there are just some things in life that are always going to be just our of reach. But that won’t stop me from trying to achieve it, no matter what.

  18. Diva:

    When you’re little, they tell you anything is possible. It’s not a lie but it isn’t the whole truth either. Even when you want something and sometime achieve it, you have to make an alternative life choice that leads you away from your dreams. I have tried, and I have succeeded, but I have also had to let go. I think the biggest thing I learned is that no matter what your dreams are, you always seem to create a new one when the old one has been met or denied so in essence, you are perpetually stretching and reaching.

  19. RubenRybnick:

    its not its right in my grasp and i can almost reach it i just need………

  20. Nick:

    I haven’t stretched myself far enough because I have fears and doubts. I hop it will all go away.

  21. Nick:

    I haven’t stretched myself far enough because I have fears and doubts. I hope it will all go away.

  22. I did stretch, so much but it was just not enough ..

  23. Sarah:

    I believe everything is in your reach but it’s not just a matter of stretching far enough, it’s also having a map to show you the way. I still need to find those maps.

  24. Morgan:

    I guess I never really work to my full potential, for fear that I won’t do as well as I hope.

  25. Nina:

    For the things I haven`t reached, I think I just have to work harder on and believe in myself some more. I need to stretch out more.

  26. Abosadat:

    I iguess i didn’t skretch enough , another word i didn’t work hard

  27. Alice:

    i haven’t tried

  28. Robert:

    I guess its out of reach if you dont stretch far enough. Just dont stretch too far at one time or you’ll break just like anything else.

  29. Michael Hitchcock:

    I cannot yet know.

    As I stretch further and grow, things which really were once out of reach, become things I could grasp if I try. You don’t know how far your reach will ultimately extend, so keep stretching.

  30. Haven’t tried!

  31. Rachael:

    I like to think I have reached for what I’ve wanted… But then again, I’m only 17… I feel there’s nothing for me to really truly reach for yet…

  32. ze:


  33. Rowena:

    I feel like there are a lot of things I could reach for. The problem is, are they THAT important to go for? Am I reaching for the right things? Personally though, I’m more in search of the things I COULD reach for, rather then reaching for them right NOW…

  34. Maria:

    All depends the situation, but most of the times I didnt strenght enough.

  35. chichay:

    maybe i’m just not ready to give my all and contented just looking at it..

  36. Heidi:

    Not out of reach…but the people I would hurt to get there doesn’t make it worth it.

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